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Unlimited Bids

Sign up and immediately start creating industry standard line item budgets. Our easy to use platform allows for quick, unlimited, and FREE bidding - whether you're a freelancer, production company, or agency.

Activate When Awarded

Why pay for production tools when you are not generating revenue? A one-time fee is charged per project activation. Pay after the bid has been awarded.

Harness The Cloud

No more messy spreadsheets. We provide a clean and secure interface with collaboration features for your production teams. Stay on top of your budgets from anywhere.

Awesome Features

Intuitive, easy to navigate, and designed specifically for line producers.

Email & Downloads

Email or download bids, actualized budgets, individual logs, and digital purchase orders.


Register up to 4 guest users to collaborate on each active project. Manage guest user access from prep to wrap.

Visual Metrics

Visualize variances between bids and working budget. Adjust working budget on the fly with easy to use metrics and burn rate calculations.

Portfolio Management

Maintain a repository of all your bids and awarded projects. Create unlimited bids, and activate on a per project basis at a time of your choosing.

Easy Pay

Common sense payment structure tailored specifically to production needs. Pay online with credit card ONLY when you are ready to activate a project.

Additional Features

Create a company profile, and standarized templates for your reports.

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